Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) seems complicated, but at the core is simply an inventory management tool for your warehouse or distribution center. The overall goal of a WMS is to manage inventory Real-Time to allow more visibility into the warehouse so that managers can make accurate, timely and better decisions. A WMS tracks the movement of product on the warehouse floor to keep track of every case of product so managers can monitor inventories with Real Numbers and with Real-Time information. When it comes to your warehouse we know that a WMS must trace every case of product because ultimately Every Case Counts™!



A WMS will allow managers to track inventory Real-Time and use best-in-class processes and procedures to ensure that the output of inventory data is based on Real-Numbers.  The goal of the WMS is to provide real-time, accurate inventory data to managers so that they can make better decisions for their warehouse.  A WMS will also give managers the opportunity to…

Gain visibility into Code Date Management and Inventory Management, Easily Replenish, Receive more Efficiently, and Physical Count product faster and more accurately by using a tablet or IPAD.  Cirrus Tech is platform agnostic in terms of hardware as we provide options to our customers on what hardware they may use.

WMS Inventory Reporting & Live Product Inquries

Cirrus Tech understands that reporting is essential to tracking and managing inventory in the warehouse.  Reporting is important to end users that use the WMS daily and reporting is also important to managers and executives that want to ensure that proper procedures and controls are working in the warehouse.

WMS Reporting will provide reports such as the Live Inventory Comparison Report, Backstock Report, Full Inventory Summary Report, Product Code Date/Aging Report, Inventory Product Live Inquiries, and the ability to email Inventory Alert Reports to any user with an email address.