If your material handling and warehouse process could talk, would it be operating at maximum efficiency? It is that question that drives Cirrus Tech to continue to develop state of the art warehouse automation and efficiency proven systems.

Experience. Knowledge. Reliability.

As experienced professionals in the warehouse and automation industry, Cirrus Tech, inc has seen a lot of unique situations and needs. We thoroughly understand what your goals and needs are and have designed our solutions and services around ensuring your success. Our Warehouse Control Systems and Warehouse Management Systems are state of the art, technology-based answers to the operations efficiency requirements of your warehouse.

Our products are state of the art and designed to improve your supply chain, but we also want to develop a partnership relationship with you. Our warehouse management software and distribution management software professionals are aligned to help understand your unique business needs and then apply our solutions to meet them. All in an effort to make you successful.

Cirrus was formed by people knowledgable in the area of warehouse management and distribution and uses the latest in technology to leverage solid technology partners to bring a comprehensive, stable and goal-achieving solution for your “Just-in-Time” Inventory needs.

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

The Cirrus Warehouse Control System utilizes Windows networking and operating systems with the latest Microsoft.NET capabilities. It connects material handling equipment and subsystems to the client host system using a powerful single-port interface.

Programmable Logic Controls

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a dedicated computer used for automating processes in the warehouse.

Voice Picking

Voice Picking is more efficient and safer than people directed picking in the warehouse. The primary focus of voice picking is to pick orders faster with greater accuracy in a safer more productive work environment. A ROI can be expected from a year to two years after the initial investment. A Voice Directed system measures picking accuracy and the picking goals are upward of 99.7% or greater versus a people directed system that will have significantly more errors, missed deliveries and more product to put away when the truck returns. Voice Picking is relevant because when it comes to Your warehouse Every Case Counts™!

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) seems complicated, but at the core is simply an inventory management tool for your warehouse or distribution center. The overall goal of a WMS is to manage inventory Real-Time to allow more visibility into the warehouse so that managers can make accurate, timely and better decisions. A WMS tracks the movement of product on the warehouse floor to keep track of every case of product so managers can monitor inventories with Real Numbers and with Real-Time information. When it comes to your warehouse we know that a WMS must trace every case of product because ultimately Every Case Counts™!

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

By building up and not out, you can gain up to 60% more pallet storage in your existing or new warehouse.

Rack and Carton Flow

One of the Easiest things to do to Increase Productivity and Add More Space in Your Warehouse